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How We Help

We're here to save you time and provide you the best data to make those tough decisions, a little bit easier.

Easy to Use

Our iOS App will autoplan flights for DJI’s Drone Suite for each block you wish to fly. Tap the fields you want to fly and get back to work while our app takes care of the rest.

Save Time Scouting

Manual inspection of vineyard/orchard rows, or large acreage row crops can be time consuming and operationally exhaustive. Skycision automates this process to help you spend your time elsewhere.

Detect Stress Sooner

Infrared imagery can detect stress weeks earlier than the naked eye. We can pinpoint the effects of pests/disease or water stress before it begins to spread, enabling quicker remediation.

Maximize Yield

Our service doesn’t just save you time and identify crop stress sooner, we analyze weather, soil, and field data to help you make the best decisions about how to optimize your yield potential.

  • Pick Your Drone

    Our flight planning application works with DJI”s Suite of Phantoms, Inspires, or the Matrice 100 or 600 models. We guide you in selecting which drone model and camera set will work best for your operation, and deliver your vehicle fully assembled.

  • Plan Your Flights

    We realize your time is precious, and it’s for that very reason we take care of the flying for you. No need to define your own flight plan, just select the field you want to fly and our application takes care of the rest. Tap to deploy and get back to work while your drone works alongside you.

  • Upload Your Imagery

    Whether you’re using DJI or another manufacturer, simply upload your imagery to our portal and we’ll provide you with exportable georeferenced orthomosaics showing you the strength and weaknesses in your fields from a bird's eye view.

Your Data, Your Way, for the Best Decisions


Unlike some other vendors, at Skycision, you own your data. Share your shapefiles or PDF reports with us for a more complete experience, or export our data sets to your GIS system of choice.

Automated Flight Planning

Once we have the boundaries of your fields, your flight plans are auto­generated. No tedious clicking and dragging of points, unless that’s what you want, then we can do that too.

Georeferenced Orthomosaics

Upload your imagery to our system from any drone, and get back beautifully stitched georeferenced orthomosaics, showing you the health of your fields.


Increasing weather variability can have impacts on the spread of pests and disease, as well as irrigation, pesticide, and fertilizer applications. Track the metrics that count and tailor your dashboard to what’s most important to you.

Threat Notifications

Customize your own alerts, or enable Skycision to auto­generate alerts and recommendations for areas of your operation that need it most.

Custom Integrations

If your operation has its own weather stations or irrigation monitors, we can ingest that information for more comprehensive analysis of crop health.

Crops Serviced

  • Pest and Disease Detection

    We can detect the effects of Leafroll V3, Pierces Disease, and Red Blotch through the use of high resolution, calibrated spectral imagery. With 3-5 year regrowth periods, early detection and remediation is critical in protecting your harvest.

  • Data to the Vine

    1-2 centimeter image resolution enables rob and vine counts across your operation. This information enables us to monitor vine health, perform quality assessments and estimate yield potential.

  • Pick Map Generation

    Not all grapes are equal. Our algorithms analyze imagery over time and recommend pick maps for an optimal harvest.

Citrus has been ravished by HLB, or Citrus Greening, and it has cost the industry billions. HIgh resolution spectral imagery can be used to detect the disease sooner and mitigate its spread by removing the infected trees.

Large water consumption is characteristic of most Almond or Cashew Orchards. Water stress can be identified with aerial imagery and the results can be integrated with precision irrigation systems to direct water to the areas that need it the most.

Laurel Wilt is a pervasive concern in Avocado Orchards and can cost a grower thousands of dollars if it goes undetected. High resolution spectral imagery can help to detect the disease sooner than the naked eye, so growers can respond quicker.

Pest and disease management can be a full time job in many instances, and with time being one commodity growers don’t have, we’re happy to help pinpoint the exact areas that need your attention.

The Precision Agriculture movement is underway and with high resolution aerial imagery, we can change the way key decisions are approached.

Aerial imagery helps speciality and commodity growers by segmenting a block into relative health zones and giving the farmer a birds eye view of all their fields at once. By accounting for field­-based inputs, weather conditions, and disease possibilities, a farmer or agronomist can determine the best inputs for each portion of the field, which can yield in substantial cost savings. Let our image processing track emergence and tally stand counts for you. An estimated 10% of row crop yield can fluctuate annually due to scouting generalizations where blight or pests in a field are missed on a given pass. Drone or Satellite imagery can be the ultimate assistant to your scouts to make sure no portion of your field goes unnoticed.

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